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I am asking for your vote. We can replace corporate power with people power by supporting and voting for "No Corporate Money" candidates. The goal is to win elections and champion the solutions we know exist.

We can have better health, housing, jobs, justice, education, and environment. It is entirely possible – especially here in California, which is still a wealthy state.

How do we get solutions implemented? It’s time we stop doing what supports the 1%. They like it when we don't vote, or when we vote for candidates that take corporate money – which unfortunately includes almost all conventional candidates. If they win, you lose. 

Good changes are happening in cities, states, and countries where people are doing two things: taking to the streets and taking to the ballot box.

People are stepping up – there are strong candidates running in 2014. We’re hoping many others will join us and run without taking corporate money so we can all walk our talk when we’re in office. Luis Rodriguez is running for Governor, Jena Goodman for Lt. Governor, Ellen Brown for Treasurer, David Curtis for Secretary of State, and there are others.

Our focus is solutions. Implement a State Bank to save money on interest and invest in us, not Wall Street bankers. Tax the super-rich the way we did decades ago (when the rich could still get richer, and...) when we were a state filled with great opportunities. Change our spending priorities from prisons to schools. By taking no corporate money, we are free to do it, not just talk about it.

Laura WellsThat is why I am running for state controller of California, and that is why I am asking for your vote on June 3, 2014.

If you are able to help with this No Corporate Money campaign, please know that we will treasure your support! Your financial donations are amazingly important, as we spread the word in California, a state that affects what happens in the country and the world. See the donate button, or click here!

Another world is possible – thank you for all you do,

Laura Wells



P.O. Box 10181, Oakland, CA 94610

510-225-4005  info (at)  @WellsController

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commented 2014-05-17 17:48:43 -0700 · Flag
The phrase “entitled people” used to refer to those who had the most privileged lives, not to people in poor circumstances. In keeping with that, I would eliminate entitlements — like corporate subsidies and tax loopholes — to the richest among us. I would have the richest 1% pay state and local taxes at the same high rate that the poorest 20% pay. I would implement public banks, and do everything I could to reduce the disparity of wealth and power, and create opportunity for all.

I would look at nations or states that have successfully reduced gun violence, domestically and militarily, while keeping their people safer than our state and country are keeping us. That would very likely involve effective forms of gun control.

As to the constitution, it definitely needed improvement over the years, and still does. Thank goodness it was changed to include women, non-whites, and non-property-owners. Now we need to amend it so that corporate persons clearly do not have the rights that only real people should have.
commented 2014-05-16 22:00:44 -0700 · Flag
Controller is an elected position and is often used as a stepping stone to other elected positions so the questions are valid. It is not a good sign when the candidate does not respond back to questions like they are an absentee candidate. Or it just might be an example of the kind of controller she would make – an absentee one.
commented 2014-05-16 21:06:34 -0700 · Flag
Why on earth is anyone asking a candidate for Controller about her opinion on guns? It isn’t within the responsibilities of a Controller to lead or govern on firearms legislation. The candidate should be asked to comment, instead, on issues she would have power to influence, like taxation, banking, and investments. Focus, people!
commented 2014-05-16 13:10:45 -0700 · Flag
Honestly Laura Wells, I am a libertarian, and my vote will either go to you or David Evans as of now . What I need to know as a voter, is if you will work to eliminate funding to any gun control measures , and eliminate funding to entitlements , especially entitlements to those who are not citizens . Looking forward to a response. Thank you
commented 2014-05-16 11:27:45 -0700 · Flag
I like your approach Laura Wells. You get my vote!
commented 2014-05-15 15:45:54 -0700 · Flag
David Evans responded back to me personally in an email and says he believes in the constitution and second amendment. There is no response from Laura Wells at all.
commented 2014-05-14 23:16:36 -0700 · Flag
Position on gun control and War on Drugs?
commented 2014-05-14 14:00:33 -0700 · Flag
Good luck on the June 3rd election! You and Ellen Brown are our hope for the future!
commented 2014-05-09 14:55:02 -0700 · Flag
Got my vote!
commented 2014-05-09 14:45:21 -0700 · Flag
What is your position on all the issues affecting the State of California? I know the financial position needs to be a strong one, but where do you stand on all the issues? I strongly believe in our constitutional freedoms and rights including the second amendment. What do you believe in?
commented 2014-05-08 22:52:25 -0700 · Flag
You’ve got my vote!
commented 2013-11-04 18:10:55 -0800 · Flag
Great. A Feed in tariff requires Utilities to pay home owners $0.49 kwh for feeding solar on to the grid!